The Crazy Egyptian Mystery || By Anna Naftel

“Chloe!- CHLOE-” Sadie, and Della screamed. Looking around all of the pyramid tunnels to find Chloe the little five year old, otherwise known as Sadie’s little sister.
Sadie’s parents had a work trip in Egypt. Each girl got to bring a friend or two along.
Sadie had chosen her two best friends, Della, and Matthew. You could describe Della in three words: fashionable, kind, and caring. And then you can describe Matthew in two words: funny and athletic.
And on the other hand, Chloe had brought one friend along: Dawson. He was very particular. He was also a germaphobe. A big one. But he was the only person that ‘got’ Chloe.

“Chloe! Sadie, look! I found Chloe!” Della screamed. “Oh! Chloe! Come here. NOW!” Sadie yelled back at Della but more at Chloe. But what Sadie saw was indescribable. Chloe was looking and holding up a shoe. A weird shoe. It was all pointed at the front and worn down. It was a sandal. But it barely had any sole. It gave everyone a creepy feeling. They were all in a pyramid in Egypt and Chloe had an ancient shoe in her hand! Scary…

Then all in a flash Chloe was gone.
“Chloe! Where…?” Della yelled.
“Chloe You’re sooo funny.” Dawson laughed.
“Chloe! Chloe, come back!” Saide yelled.
“Guys?” Matthew hollered.
But then Matthew was gone. All in that same yellow greenish flash.
“Everyone. Get together and touch the shoe. Maybe just maybe then we will find out where Chloe and Matthew went. So they did. And then they were all gone. Again, in that pretty but at the same time scary yellow greenish flash.

“Where… are we?” Della asked. “It looks like we’re in the same spot as before… but everyone’s gone.” Sadie remarked.
“Guys!? Isn’t it obvious? We time traveled.” Chloe yelled at the top of her lungs, to get everyone’s attention.
“Chloe! Don’t be stupid. That’s not possible. Trust me, scientists have tried!” Sadie shot back at Chloe.
“I think…” Dawson started. But everyone already knew that he was going to think Chloe was right, and everyone except Chloe didn’t have the patience for that so they gave Dawson a look.
“Look. A secret compartment! It’s right there!” Chole told everyone.
“Don’t open that!” Saide told her. But before they could discover more something caught their eye.
“Look! A girl? Wait what? She looks like she is old. That girl looks old! But she’s not?-” Matthew told the group. Della and Sadie would have probably told him that it was not very nice to say that a girl looked old. But they got what he meant. Matthew was right – the girl was wearing a linen dress, with a gold choker but the choker was not a stylish choker it was like an old-timey choker. And then she was wearing some kind of eyeshadow on her eyes. But it was more like paint.
“Is that? Eye Paint? Egypts from the olden times wore that. It was VERY popular. It was like wearing a scrunchie.” Saide said, and Della made adjustments to her pink velvet scrunchie in her hair and sighed. Of course! So Della! Always stylish.
“Mrhbana bihim!” said the girl.
“Huh?” said Della.
“That means ‘Hi there’ in Arabic.” Sadie told the group.
“Marhaban! ‘Ana Saide! Wahula’ hum ‘asdiqayiy.”
“What are you saying, Sadie? And how do you know Arabic?” Della asked.
“I just said ‘Hi. I’m Sadie. And these are my friends’ and I studied. I can’t speak fluently, yet. But I can speak over half of the language!” Saide told Della.
“You are… never mind.” Matthew said, smiling bigger than ever. Saide tried to focus on her conversation with a girl named Nanu, she said it meant ‘pretty’.
“Aiktashafat ‘ukhti alsaghirat hdha’. Walakun la maenaa laha eindama lamasat ‘anaha aikhtifta. Thuma lmsnaha jmyeana. Aikhtafaa kl mana. Madha hdth? Limadha a? Nahn qaliqun lilghayat bishan kl ma hadath , hal yumkinuk ‘iikhbaruna bi’ayi shay’ qad ysaed?” Sadie sputtered out, stopping to think a couple times.

“What in the world does that mean?” Dawson asked. Everyone was very confused.
“It means… My little sister discovered a shoe. But it made no sense when she touched it she disappeared. And then we all touched it. We all disappeared. What happened? Why? We are very worried about everything that has happened, could you tell us anything that might help? That’s all!” Sadie yelled.
Then Nuan explained everything. And then Sadie translated everything back to the group.
“So Nuna said that we are in a different time period in Egypt, apparently it happens all the time. In order to go back to our time we half solve the mystery of the missing mummy.”

The group just stared in awe. “I told you so! Sadie! I knew it! You were wrong! WE TIME TRAVELED! You were wrong, Ms. ‘I’m so much older then you and smarter.’” Chloe rubbed it in far longer than that.
The whole group started to make up plans of how to find the missing mummy. Sadie was asked to translate questions and then she told the group the answers. In a little under 20 minutes they had the whole plan worked out. This was their written out plan:

“Alright, go time!” yelled Sadie. Everyone was off, everyone making ‘booyah!’ noises as they went.

Meanwhile Della and Mathtew rushed through the halls and met a very tall man. He was talking to another man, but that one was mad yelling things that did not sound very nice. But then Matthew listened very closely.
“He just said ‘Aten,’” Matthew screamed.
“Matthew! That’s it! That is Aten. OMG OMG OMG!” Della cried.
The two newcomers walked up to Aten. Aten was a nice man, they both could see it in his eyes. He wore linen robs and too much makeup, but Della secretly thought it looked like nothing at all, no makeup at all. Suddenly
Matthew said “We can’t talk to him, he doesn’t speak english! Uhh.”
Aten laughed. “I do speak english. You must be ‘the ones’. You must solve the missing mummy case, you want to ask me questions, don’t you?” Aten told them. Della and Matthew sighed, this was not going to be as hard as they thought. So they started talking…

“Sadie! I really don’t wanna study.” Chole complained.
“Oh, Chloe, you can barely read. So you won’t do much. Don’t worry.” Sadie told her.
“I don’t wanna study either.” Dawson agreed.
“I knew it was not a good idea to put you two together.” Sadie told them. Dawson and Chloe looked at each other and laughed.
“Okay. Here’s the library. Time to study!” Sadie said.
“I don’t wanna study here…” Chloe complained again.
“Why?” Sadie asked.
“Because, look!” Chloe pointed to a page in a book, it was all in Arabic. Sadie now saw why Chloe didn’t wanna study, she could not read anything.
“Ohhh-” Sadie shrieked.
“Kun hadiana alan.” A plump woman who again wore linen and a golden choker said. She must have been the librarian.
“What does that mean? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!” Chloe asked.
“Be quiet now. That is what it means.” Sadie, explained. Then she read. And read, and read. Till her eyes ached. And then Della and Matthew burst into the room.
“OMG! We’ve got the answers! We know where the missing mummy is!… but it depends if your research matches.” Della screamed.
“Really? Well, based on my research the missing mummy should be in the pyramid, because-” Sadie inquierd, jumping about!
“Then we know where it is! Aten said that if the mummy is still in the cave it has to be in one of the compartments!” Matthew said jumping up and down!
“THE ONE CHOLE SPOTTED!” Dawson, Sadie, Matthew, and Della screamed. But Chloe instead said:
“I found that compartment. I’m the smartest out of all of you!! HAHA! Oh- and Sadie! You told me not to open it! We would have known where it was this whole time if it was not for you!” And she was right. But instead of rubbing it in, everyone raced back to where they had started!

They all got there at the same time.
“I think Chole should open the compartment, afterall she did see it first…!!!” Dawson, and Matthew cried.
“Chole open it.” Shouted Della. And Sadie lost it screaming at everyone!
But Chole opened it and…
“WE DID IT!” Della yelled.

And that is how the story ended. They returned the mummy to Mr. Aten, said goodbye to everyone that they had met, and then with the same yellow greenish flash, Chole, Matthew, Della, Saide, and Dawson were all gone.

About the Author

Anna is a fifth grader and student of Srinithi Srinivas. She wrote this story during their historical fiction unit in class. She loves to read Harry Potter.

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