Foreign Language in Elementary School || By Saicharan Valisekkagari

Did you know that only 25% of elementary schools are offering a foreign language? Currently, foreign languages are not mandatory in elementary schools. In schools where learning a foreign language is mandatory, Spanish is usually the most common language that is taught. Should students in elementary school be required to learn a foreign language? Kids should not have to learn a foreign language in elementary school because firstly, it is too costly, secondly, it is unnecessary, and thirdly it is way too complicated.

Learning a foreign language may not be fun for children in elementary school. First, children at that age want to do things that they enjoy doing and learning. Secondly, requiring a forien language at school for students who are not interested in learning one can result in them not paying attention, not  focusing, or not trying their best and putting in effort during class. Lastly, it could also make the kids less enthusiastic about coming to school and learning! 

Another problem with teaching a foreign language is the cost of the course. For example, some elementary schools may not have the budget for foreign language courses. This means that if schools are required to teach a foreign language, then schools with less money might see a budget problem elsewhere. For example, schools might see a budget cut to the arts department.  

  Learning two languages in elementary school can be too difficult for a child at that age. For example, the difficulty of learning a new language may stress children out. When starting elementary school, students learn their primary language and learning a secondary language could confuse them. Children need to first master their primary language before feeling comfortable learning a secondary language. 

Those that support learning foreign language in elementary school claim that learning a foreign language early on will result in more job opportunities in the future. However, this claim is invalid because students have the option of learning a foreign language later on in middle school or high school, meaning that they can access these job opportunities without having received foreign language instruction in elementary school. 

Overall based on the evidence, kids should not be required to learn a foreign language in elementary school because it is too expensive, it is not needed, and it is way too complicated. Children can always have an opportunity to learn a foreign language  in middle school or high school instead of learning one in elementary school. It is clear that learning a foreign language in elementary school is unnecessary. Schools should invest more money in other courses instead. 


About the Author

Saicharan is a rising sixth grader taught by Neha Jonnalagedda. He wrote this argumentative essay in class and likes chess.

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