My 8th Birthday: A Memoir || By Elin Boucher

It was my 8th birthday and I was in Africa. We went on lots of safaris and sometimes we were almost driving in an oven! When we visited an African school, giving them soccer balls , pencil pouches, notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies we had the chance to play and go to school with the students.

It was a few days before my birthday when a Dust-devil hit our camp. A Dust-devil is a small tornado made up of sand. It knocked down about 3 tents and when you stand outside you can feel the sand hit your skin. I felt excited and also in disbelief. The night before my birthday, our tour guides made me a cake. There was one candle that was like a sparkler and when you light it, a mini firework goes off. The day of my birthday we drove to Gibbs Farm, a hotel. When we were settled me and my cousins, Anna, Thomas, Kirsten, Ella, Matties, and my brother Jack explored and met 2 guys one painted and the other carved animals out of wood. Anna, The painter helped Thomas, Kirsten, Ella, Matties, and Jack make paintings that looked like this: while I helped the other guy with his sculpture.

That night, everyone gave me lots of small presents. I was a little bummed because I wanted big things that year but you can’t drag big presents to Africa. Then I realized that going to Africa was the biggest present ever. I had so much fun on our trip and wasn’t even over yet!


About the Author

Elin is a fifth grader and a student of Srinithi Srinivas. She wrote this memoir for their memoir/narratives unit. She enjoys math and science, and loves learning about engineering.

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