One Crazy Dust Devil || By Anna Naftel

It all started when me and my cousins Elin and Kirsten were in me and my mom’s tent, while we were visiting Africa. We were all practicing for a dance we would later perform. But for now, we were listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ and making up moves. Me and Kirsten were writing down the moves in a pink notebook with the words ‘Dream It, Plan It, Do It’ written in a cursive hand. Elin was watching us dancing out the moves, and was trying her best to mimic us, while at the same time pausing the music so that me and Kirsten could keep up. “Okay… so I turn, then Anna does, and then you Elin?” Kirsten questioned. “Right. And then we move into the arm waves.” I clarified. Then, a startled expression came across Elin’s face. “What? Elin that is how it goes… right?” I asked about uncertainty.

Soon enough Elin stopped dancing and ducked down. “Elin! What’s wrong?” Kirsten asked in a tired voice. Then I heard yelling. “Kirsten-” I said, pointing to the tents screened-in window. I ducked down next to Elin, by then Elin was shrieking! Sure enough tents were flying up in all directions, and then I saw the cause-

A big dust devil was knocking over tents here and there!

“Ahh!” Kirsten ducked down hoping that would be enough weight for the tent to uphold us all.

Then realizing we were being stupid, ran out of the tent for safety! Seconds later my brother, Thomas, who had been taking a nap, got carried out of the tent by my dad. Everyone was disturbed by the commotion, tents were everywhere, and all of the furniture in them was sprawled out on the roomy camp site. Lucky for me and my mom our tent was not yet knocked down. Then I heard our safari guides yell “Just stay calm. It should blow over in a minute. After that we will set up the tents again, and clean up all of this mess.” I heard Kirsten exhale. It would all be over in just a minute, good. The guides were right, it was all over in just the blink of an eye. Some of the guides put the tents together, while others did the furniture. Now the tents, and furniture, were back to normal; two twin beds, a dresser, a water jug (for our hand washing), a sink, and a shower. Perfect! Then there was one more thing to say: “Hey, Kirsten and Elin! Wanna go finish up our dance?” And then we were off, writing in the pink notebook, arms swaying to the beat of ‘Shake It Off’, and looking out the screened window of the tent, checking for another big excitement.

About the Author

Anna is a fifth grader and student of Srinithi Srinivas. She wrote this story during their memoir/narratives unit in class. She loves to read Harry Potter and chocolate ice cream.

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