The Fashion Show || By Diya Palathanam

“Is everything ready for the fashion show?” asked Rose as she looked around the huge mall, which was filled with shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. The mall was planning on hosting a Christmas themed fashion show and Rose was in charge of making sure everything went perfect.

“Yes,” answered Lily, Rose’s assistant. 

The fashion show’s stage was very big. Rose and Lily set up a lot of chairs because a lot of people were expected to come, including some of New York’s best designers.

At 6:00, the fashion show finally started. The judges were sitting in the audience to see who had the best dress. The room was very big and the audience all waited patiently for the show to start. After all the models walked the runway, the judges picked the model who was wearing a golden dress with a rose as the winner. The audience agreed with the judges because the dress was very beautiful.

After the fashion show was over, everyone was sad and wished there was more to it. But before they left, there was one more surprise. The audience got free autographs from the models in the fashion show! They were all so happy and thought it was the best moment of their life. 

Rose and Lily’s fashion show was a complete success so they decided to have another one. Everyone couldn’t wait. Rose and Lily told everybody they knew and they even posted it on the internet. Soon it was time for the next fashion show. There were more people here than there were in the other fashion show. It was amazing. 

Rose and Lily chose the model wearing a dress with flowers as the winners. It was an amazing fashion show and everyone couldn’t wait until the next one. Then finally, there were signs everywhere for a new fashion show. This fashion show was special, because the audience would be able to meet Rose and Lily for the first time. While everyone was talking to the judges, a man went backstage and stole dresses. 

Right before the show started, one of the workers backstage noticed that some of the dresses were missing and accused the models. The argument finally settled down and in the end none of the models were a suspect. But there were still only ten dresses left, and fourteen models. It was horrible!

 They had to figure out a way to get more dresses. So, Rose and Lily delayed the show for 10 minutes so they could shop for more dresses in the mall. They went to shop for lots and lots. When they came back with the clothes everyone started to get ready and the guests started bursting in, for 10 minutes passed.

 Then finally the fashion show started with the new, amazing dresses from the mall. The judges chose one with green sequins and said that and it was so pretty. While everyone was taking autographs, Rose and Lily went backstage to see if the robber would come back.

Lucky for them, the robber did come back and was caught red handed. They made him explain why he was stealing all the dresses. 

“I was stealing them so I could sell them to make money to get gifts for my wife and daughter” he answered.

Rose and Lily felt bad for the robber so they decided to let him go and even gave him two of the dresses so he could give them to his daughter and wife. The robber promised to never steal dresses and Rose and Lily never worried about their dresses getting stolen ever again. 

About the Author

Diya is 8 years old and going to third grade in August. Her birthday is on March 21 and she was born in Michigan. She loves to read, draw and paint. She has an older sister and speaks a language called Malayalam. Her favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry and her favorite dessert is chocolate cake. 

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