Pandas || by Anika Palathanam

 Did you know that pandas have five fingers just like humans? Pandas are cute, they are very interesting. They are also endangered animals. My essay is about the diet, all about them, and body parts of a panda. 

Pandas are unique animals and have cool bodies. Adult pandas are 4 – 6 feet long. Male pandas are larger than female pandas. According to Donald Lindburg,“Giant pandas have a thick, woolly, white coat with black fur on the legs, shoulders, tail, muzzle, and ears and around the eyes.” Pandas have interesting features in and on their bodies.

Pandas mostly eat bamboo and sometimes leaves. They have powerful jaws so they can eat bamboo. Pandas stay near the bamboo tree, so when they need it, pandas can eat. Pandas find this bamboo in China forests. Pandas love to find bamboo in the forests of China.

Here are some cool things about pandas. Often pandas live on the ground but also climb trees. They climb in the trees to sleep. Pandas usually give birth to their babies during the spring. They can stand on hind legs and do somersaults, rolling and dust-bathing when they are old enough. Pandas are also called giant pandas so people do not get confused with red pandas. Pandas can do lots of things.

Pandas have a lot of interesting things that they hide. They are an interesting topic to learn about. The three main things about a panda that are interesting to me is their diet, body parts, and some facts. Pandas are awesome animals and have lots more hidden secrets


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About the Author

Anika is 11 years old and going to 6th grade at West Cary. She loves dogs and her favorite animals in the forest are Pandas. She enjoys painting and drawing, but hates any type of bugs or insect. Her favorite sports are gymnastics and swimming.

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