The Time I Got Stuck || Saicharan Valisekkagari

I started worrying and trembling in fear as the spinning door was squeezing harder on my hand. My family and I went to Chicago to visit my cousins and we went to the downtown mall. It was very tall and huge. I went with my cousin, mom, and dad. As we were getting into the rotating door I started to goof off and go the opposite direction and before I knew it, I had gotten my hand stuck in the door!

  “ Ouch!”

    People started gathering around me and someone called 911 and the police and ambulances started to arrive along with nurses. I started to feel embarrassed and humiliated. I tried to keep the pain to myself and not scream or cry. I could see my  mom worried in fear because of her facial expressions: she had sad, worried, scared, and frightened looks on her face, and my cousin was crying. My dad was trying really hard to free my hand. The elevator door started squeezing harder on my hand and the pain was getting worse. I thought I might faint or cry. They called security and everyone was trying to free my hand: police, security, nurses, people, my dad, etc.  Finally, a security guard used a wooden stick to pry open the door and free my hand and my hand was free. 

   People came rushing to me to check if I was ok, including my mom, dad and cousin.  “Phew”, I thought to myself. I was trembling and shivering in fear. I was scared and glad that it was all over. A nurse examined my hand and it was fine, yay! We continued shopping and went home.

   When we reached back to my cousin’s apartment I told the rest of my relatives that they could not come and they were worried and shocked and when I told them my hand was fine they were relieved. 

   A lesson I learned when I from this experience was to always be more careful and less careless.

About the Author

Saicharan Valisekkagari is a fifth grader and a student of Neha Jonnalagedda. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess. 

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