Tigers || by Ansh Kare

Tigers are very endangered today due to the fact that they are being pursued after for their body parts. Tigers are great hunters and have a very healthy lifestyle. They have a big range of diet and camouflaging skin to blend in with the environment. They are especially adapted to their environment which is rain forests, grasslands, savannas and even mangrove swamps. Tigers are very fascinating and amazing animals with their healthy diet, camouflaging skin to hunt, and great hunters and swimmers and have rare and cool species.

Tigers have a very unique lifestyle and habits. They are animals that live alone and do everything alone besides mating. Tigers hunt when their prey is active so it could be day or night. The Smithsonian zoo says that “Tigers are solitary ambush predators that rely on stealth and strength to take down prey… These powerful cats hunt primarily at night, using sight and sound to identify prey.” Tigers are very unique animals due to habits and lifestyles.

Tigers eat a variety of things. The way tigers catch their prey is by using their sense of sight and hearing. They stalk their prey, get as close to them as possible, and pounce, always aiming for the neck or throat to kill. Tigers eat from 25 to 100 pounds a day. Tigers also swim to hunt and as transportation. The Smithsonian Zoo says “These apex predators primarily hunt large ungulates, such as wild boar and deer, but are also known to consume monkeys, buffalo, sloth bears, leopards, and even crocodiles. When tigers are found in close proximity to humans, they may also feed on domestic animals, such as cattle or goats. ”. Tigers are amazing animals with a healthy diet and good tactics to hunt.

There are many types of tigers. There are a few that are very rare. There are even a few that have been reported to be seen, yet the world still debates about it. The Maltese tiger is the rarest tiger ever. It’s so rare that the world still hasn’t come to an answer if this is a myth or real! There have been reports about this tiger. It is a tiger with a blue coat or bluish gray coat. This blue is a recessive gene and these tigers are from the subspecies the South China tiger, the subspecies closest to extinction. Another one is the White Tiger; this too is a recessive gene making the fur white and stripes black with blue eyes. Due to the fact that they have white fur, they are usually easy to and cannot hunt because they can be easily seen. That’s why there are only 200 in captivity. There is also a type of tiger where their fur is black and stripes are white. This is called a black tiger. This is exactly like the white tiger, it’s a recessive gene. There are only about 23 black tigers left. Most of the time a black tiger is not fully black but is partially black. There is even a black and white tiger. These types of tigers both originate usually from bengal tigers.

     Overall, tigers are beautiful animals with a unique life and healthy diet and are very endangered. They are beautiful animals that are meant to be in the wild and not hunted to the point where the wild isn’t safe enough.There are many tigers with different looks and disadvantages but all tigers are the same with great features and life.


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About the Author

Ansh is a 12 year-old at Mills Park Middle School. He is in 7th grade and some of his interests are watching anime, playing soccer, and playing cricket.

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