Poppy’s Story || By Hannah and Charlene

This story was written through “popcorn writing” in which each person alternated writing a piece of the story. Each round was generated three random words that must be used somewhere in the snippet. Enjoy this piece written by the amazing student Hannah, and co-written by her TWS teacher Charlene.

Hey, my name is Poppy! I really want a clock that looks like a cat! It is so cute! You can buy the clock with a ledge that can hold fruit. Also, the reviews of the product say it makes your house a comfortable place to live. My friend once told me about the clock and I’ve wanted it ever since. My friend, Daisy, told me the clock was like heaven to use.

I come downstairs to see my mother chopping onions. Suddenly, I see a brown bug with legs skitter across the floor. 

My mother screams, “Ah! A cockroach!”

 I go back upstairs to get a baseball bat. Then my mom says, “The cockroach has escaped and went into the attic!” 

I run up the stairs and start singing, “We’re here to defeat you Mr cockroach! So, ready or not, here we come!” Then my cat walks into the attic and sees the cockroach. She hisses and kills the cockroach. “Hahaha,” I laugh. 

“We defeated you, Mr. Cockroach, so never come back!” screams my mom.

Queen, our cat, then takes the disgusting cockroach and gulps it down for dinner. I think it’s disgusting how anyone can love eating bugs! Queen hisses so loudly at me that it bursts my ear canal.

 I felt bad for the death of Mr. Cockroach but I knew my mom would eat all the strawberries if we didn’t kill him. (Her friend told her that cockroaches stay away from strawberries.) She also would not drink any water because she read that cockroaches love hanging out in the water.

Queen’s bed is like a cockroach cemetery. Except, she eats the corpses instead of burying them. The beauty of nature! If cockroach ice cream existed, I’m sure Queen would gobble that up. Ugh. I can never look at ice cream the same again.

“Would you like some ice cream, Poppy?” My mom asks from the kitchen. I almost threw up at the thought!

About the Authors

Hannah is a middle school student in the Triangle area. She loves writing and hanging out with her two cats, Luna and Tux!

Charlene is a staff writer for the Enloe Eagle’s Eye news publication. She loves writing opinion editorials and informative essays. She has participated in LD debate and Ethics Bowl for a year, and will be Enloe Ethics Bowl Co-Captain in the 2021 school year. In 2018, she received Gold in the National Spanish Examination. As co-founder and co-president of Enloe’s Calligraphy Club and Cary Teen Council member, she loves talking to people and interacting with kids! Some of her other hobbies include reading, video editing, embroidery and piano.

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