Adventures Of Mickey and the Soulsons || By Anay Naik

Hi, what’s up, I am Mickey Nelson and I am 12 years old. I live in Makon, New Losy which is a small town in the middle of a jungle where I go to school and learn about survival and knowledgeable stuff like math and ELA. I live in a small apartment with my younger baby sister (Juju), 4 younger sisters (Lily, Lila, Braina, and Heather), and 4 younger brothers (Will, Collin, Parker, and Anay) who I think are all brats because the annoy me every 5 secs. “ Witch they are”.  They are all adopted and I really hate them, ok enough with the hate part. My dad went on an adventure and never came back so I am trying to figure out what happened. My brothers and sisters are all adopted and that is probably the reason why I’m the only one trying to find him but I’m ok with it. My Mom is my best helper and she cares for me but maybe, just maybe she is hiding something from me and I hope I’ll figure it out. I have fun with my friends Jacy, Mack, and Bella. We go on adventures to find him. Unfortunately, ugly creatures attack us with large tongues and maybe my friends know who they are. 

I was getting ready for my first day of school when my mom came with a plastic bag of supplies. “Hey sweety I’m home, here are all your supplies”, she said as she walked in through the door.”

“Cool mom, I’m almost ready”, I said as I put my bag on my shoulder. I grabbed the supplies, got out of the door, and left for the bus. I climbed up the stairs and sat next to Jacy and Bella. Jacy was spitting spitballs at Duke while Bella was gossiping with Heather and Angie (like always).

I Ride a Flying Lion

I entered school and went into the classroom where I could see Mr. Stone on his regular hoverboard riding along the floor. Woosh he went forward at the speed of light. And the cans of soup went flying everywhere. he picked the slimy tomatoes and put them away. After class, we went to recess and found slimy tracks we all shivered not knowing what it would be then out of nowhere Pill N Nogibogi started bullying Mack and pulling his longish, straight, hair and I got a glimpse of his pointy ears on his head! When they were done I asked Mack what the ears thing was, and suddenly Bella, Mack, and Jacy stopped. They tell me that Mack was a monster and they bring me to Mr. Stone, with his Gucci hat, pointy nose, and hoverboard. He jumped, startled in surprise, and then told me that I was a Soulson. Then leading me to a golden, Bugatti Veron. We all hoped then we dashed to Markon, a country near the coast of Tashals where a small house-like building stood in the middle of a farm. We went into the building and then BOOM it transformed into an entirely new world, like we went into a fantasy land. There were dog looking kids playing fetch then out of nowhere Mack took off his shirt and hat and went to play. Mr. Stone said he was a froldi which is half child half Maned wolf. Then he chucked his crutches to the side and turned into a dog-like figure. Then out of nowhere more froldi came and took Bella and Jacys jacket which was apparently the same then underneath that, Jacy was wearing a navy blue shirt with the initials JKCS which stood for Jacy Kronac Camp Soulson and Bella was were the same except it was BJCS which was Bella Janusus Camp Soulson. Then the froldi gave me a shirt that fit perfectly and that said MHCS which was Mickey Hornus Camp Soulson. Bella, said she will tell me later. We went into the barn that has a sign that said BIG BARN on it. We went inside, crawled up a ladder and Bella asked a frankenstein if we could get the scroll. The frankenstein gave me a paper that said you shall go on a quest where a death will lead to a sacred chest and have a lot of rests that may take you into the boney west. Mickey had no clue what that had ment but he stuck with it. They went to the cages and each got onto a bershay ( a lion with falcon wings). Off we went and on our journey, I heard a noise.

Warrior Ladies Embarrass Me

Was it my bershay? It was! my bershay said “hey my name is widow, whatup.” I said nothing. Did he just talk? Then i said “I’m Mickey and how can you talk?” “Well we are kinda boned but boss ain’t want me to talk about it.”  He was surprised. “Whatever.” they reached  the calamontara pit, home of the Warriors. “Kamela Turnesday.” Bella said. The mouth of a lion opens and armed women come out. They actually looked like ages 9-19. They jumped out and started throwing knives, arrows, and swords. I raised my hand wanting to ask a question and a chunk of earth came out and bonked half all the warriors. Bella jumped in and screamed “break it up”.  The Warriors stopped and held on their weapons. And then Jacy, Bella, and Mack came and helped me fight the warriors. All I did was raise my hand and turn around towards all directions. Mack on the other hand was ripping people’s heads off and Jacy and Bella well were stabbing and shooting everyone.

I Am In For A Treat

When I get back everyone screams happy birthday and even Mack, Jacy, and Bella scream. The warriors were there too. I was astonished by everything. Mr. Stone said there were many other quests that I had to accomplish but this was a trick into getting me active. We sat down eating cupcakes and muffins, playing pin the birshay, (not literally) and even lava climbing. I’ll have many other things to do but this was sure one of the best.

About the Author

The author Anay D. Naik is a 10 year old boy at White Oak Elementary. He published and wrote this story in his Triangle Writer Studio class taught by Sonia Birla. He has other extracurricular activities like piano, martial arts, etc. His favorite color is blue, and animal is donkey, and favorite shape is a triangle (don’t ask why). He lives with his parents, little brother Vivaan, and grandparents. And sadly does not have any pets.

Thank you all for taking you time to read this story.



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