Bogus’ Adventure || By Collin Russ

Bogus woke up in a jovial mood. He was on top of the world, he was so happy he could explode! It was a hot sunny day, as it always was in Uniwizman. He got up and had his breakfast, before walking outside and sitting on the porch to read the newspaper at his house on 12345 Deer Makemake road, Berenshicasaco, Uniwizman. “Everything is so beautiful! The ray to protect us, the Monuments, the magic area for wizards, the crazybananas area for unicorns, what a wonderful day!” said Bogus. He didn’t notice that the ray had been moved to the edge of the world. He took a walk in the woods near his home, bouncing his ball with him. “So fun” he thought. Or so he thought….

As he finished his walk, he heard voices behind him. “Hehehe” they said. When he turned around, 2 dark figures were standing there. He thought he knew them but he couldn’t put his finger on where they had met. “Hello” the figures cackled. And as abruptly as they came, they vanished. Not a moment later, Bogus found himself in a quicksand pit. He struggled and struggled, and after a while made it out.

“Man, I should get home,” he said to himself. But when he got back, the house had disappeared! He did not know who was behind the disappearance, but he had some suspicions. Suddenly, he was teleported to the edge of the world, which he recognized by the dark, deep abyss. He looked forward, where he was face to face with the same dark figures.

“Who are you?” he said. 

“You don’t know us?” the figures said. Then they pulled back their robes. They were his friends Hola and Ni Hao!! His friends’ scarlet eyes glared at him for just a moment, as the aura around him grew larger. He immediately knew who destroyed his house.  Ni Hao snapped his fingers, and suddenly he was surrounded by at least twenty people, all of whom had red eyes. Then they started to come to him. 

“All I have to defend myself is the ball…… Wait! I see the eject button on the ray! So this is where they moved it! If I can throw the ball…. I don’t know what will happen but it’s my only hope!” he thought. As he threw the ball, anticipation covered him as the ball sailed through the air, over their heads, and hit the button right in the center. There was a blinding flash of light and the last thing he saw was Ni Hao and Hola’s surprised faces before drifting into unconsciousness.

When he woke up, everyone and everything was back to normal, and the ray was back where it was. “Wow!” he said “This has been a very eventful day.” And he quickly walked back home, only to fix his house up, and go to bed to rest, dog tired.

Bogus woke up. He went to the kitchen, had his breakfast, and walked outside to read the paper. “Everything is so beautiful!” he said with a gleam in his eye. “The ray to protect us, the monuments, the magic area for wizards, the crazybananas area for unicorns,  “Ahh what a wonderful day!” He went to the store and bought some cheese, milk, and bread. And after all that, he went back to read the paper.

About the Author

Collin is a 5th grader at Highcroft Drive Elementary, who enjoys drawing and writing. He has 2 dogs, who he loves to play with. He hopes to be a police officer when he is older. This was the story he wrote in the fantasy unit in his TWS class taught by Sonia Birla.

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