Kids Should Be Paid For Good Grades || By Prajna Vimal

Only 48% of students get paid for good grades. I feel like this is not enough. Students should be paid if they get a lot of good grades. Getting good grades is not easy. We should also be paid because if we get money we will want to do a better job next time. This will also get us into better schools.

One reason we should be paid for good grades is because to get good grades we need to spend lots of time studying. Doing this is very hard though. We also have to miss some of our playtime or free time. It is really tempting to do other things and do our studying later. This makes it really hard to get good grades.

Another reason we should be paid for good grades is that it will get us into better schools and colleges. It is also very hard to get into good schools and colleges if you don’t study. Our parents will also want us to get good education so that we get a good job and our future is bright. The money will encourage us to study harder.

Finally, I think we should be paid for good grades because the money will make us want to get better grades next time too. It will encourage us. It will give us happiness when we get money so we will try very hard to study and earn it again. When I get rewarded for good grades it makes me extremely happy and it makes me want to work hard next time too. This way we’ll be happy and our parents will be proud. 

This is why students should be paid for good grades. It is really hard to get good grades and our parents worry about it so they should encourage us by giving us some money. More parents and adults should support us in this way. I think that more children have to be paid for good grades. 

About the Author

Prajna is a 5th grader being tutored by Sapna.

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