Should students be paid for good grades? || By Naisha Shah

Scribble, scribble, scribble! Yes! Students  work hard all the quarters for good grades, and they spend half of the day doing schoolwork. I think that students should be paid for good grades because they need to get rewards once in a while for hard work, and need to build confidence that if they do well they can get a reward.

Students work so hard during the year that they should get a little reward of money. According to Ashley Sustayta who is in middle school, she says, ”Students who get good grades are almost always disappointed when that’s all they receive. This is why I believe schools should start paying students for straight A’s!” This shows that students get very little things, while getting good grades are important and students work for good grades every single year. The students  get upset so we can give them just a little bit of money to make them happy. 

When students  get good grades and get  paid for it, would make students  confident of doing more work. When you do not give the students a reward, they sometimes get scared and become less confident. Amanda L. Grossman who is a children expert  says “You see, many parents think that sports are the only activity that will teach their child confidence. They see money education as an afterthought, because they don’t understand that mastering money teaches wayyyy more than just money confidence — it spills out into all areas of life.” This shows that parents think confidence only comes from sports, not  grades.  Good education and grades is one of the most important thing in life. Giving money for good grades can make the children more confident in many ways.

In conclusion, I think that students should be paid for good grades, because they work so hard during the year to get good grades and also making children more confident of doing work. These two reasons show that students should get money for good grades.

About the Author

Naisha is a 5th grader being tutored by Sapna.

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