Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s day is not the only time you can show your friends or family that you care for them, however, it is a great chance to do so! It can be difficult to verbalize or share your emotions without feeling uncomfortable but it is important to show your loved ones that you appreciate them. A simple way to gauge what your friends and family would appreciate is by asking them to take a quick love language quiz that you can find online. Here are five ways that you can let the important people in your life that you cherish them, based on their love languages!

  1. Words of Affirmation

People with this love language enjoy verbalized appreciation and love to receive empathetic and encouraging gifts. A handwritten letter is a great gift for people with this love language because it allows them to feel cherished. A few more equally valuable options are a compilation of your favorite things about this person, a poem, or even a simple, unexpected text message.

  1. Physical Touch

This love language has been very overlooked throughout this lengthy quarantine but people who appreciate physical touch typically enjoy non-verbal communications of your love. This person typically enjoys building intimate connections with people. A few safe options to gift this person are a weighted blanket or some bath bombs, but they might enjoy receiving coupons for physical touch that are tailored to them.

  1. Receiving Gifts

This is arguably the most misunderstood love language. Although some people incorrectly categorize it as being materialistic, people with this love language find comfort in personal and thoughtful gifts. It is very important to remember special events and give this person thoughtful gifts. Anything that you come across that reminds you of them can be a fantastic gift. Finding interesting books or even creating a playlist can show this person you care about them.

  1. Quality Time

People who enjoy quality time appreciate special moments and experiences you share with them. Doing seemingly mundane tasks with people of this love language means a lot to them. It is important to spend time with them and they might enjoy playing a game like We’re Not Really Strangers, completing a puzzle with you, or reading a new book together.

  1. Acts of Service

Individuals who primarily connect with this love language appreciate knowing you’re there for them. It is important to show them that you are working with them to help relieve stress from their lives and are consciously making an effort to help them. Thoughtful gifts such as making them breakfast, helping them with chores they don’t enjoy, and writing them kind notes will be greatly appreciated. 

These ideas can make for a sweet and thoughtful gift, but it is always important to consider the interests and tastes of the recipient. Gift-giving can help you cherish those you care about and can create a more meaningful connection between you and the people you care about. 

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