Secret || by Prajna Vimal

A cool, fresh breeze wafted through the air and something gave me a warm feeling–I knew I wasn’t alone. I turned to look behind me, but no one was there, so I continued walking. Then I heard a small flutter. I turned around again, but still no one was there. Scared that someone was following me, I started running. The flutter sounded for the second time, louder and faster. This time, when I turned around, I saw what it was. 

I gasped. It was a large, majestic bird. I quickly calmed down and pulled my phone out of my pocket to take a photo. When I tried, though, it wouldn’t capture the bird. It was almost like the bird was invisible to my phone. I could only see the bare trees with no leaves. Out of nowhere, a tiny voice nearby said, “Hello.” I turned around in every direction to see where and who the voice was coming from, but I couldn’t figure it out. While I was looking, I heard it again. I finally figured out where the voice was coming from.

The voice was coming from the bird itself. I said, “Hello” in an unsure voice. Then the bird said, “Hi. My name is Secret. I am only visible to you. I have come to complete a mission but I can’t tell you what my mission is.” 

“Is that why your name is Secret.” I asked. Then the Secret said “I guess so” and then started speaking again. 

“I will stay with you, and follow you around to most of the interesting places you go.” I was so excited to hear this that I quickly said, “Come on! There’s so much you need to see, starting with my house.” 

I brought Secret to my house and said, “I thought I would never find a use for this artificial tree and this small wooden table.” I told him to sit on the tree and said, “I’ll be back with tasty bird food and some fun bird toys.” I rushed to the pet store, bought some bird food and toys, and hurried back home. When I got back home, Secret was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Secret jumped out and loudly screamed, 

“Boooooooo!!!!” I got startled and yelled, “Secret! Don’t do that!” Then I poured his food into a food bowl, poured water into a bowl, and he started eating. As he gobbled up his food, I asked, “Can you help me on tomorrow’s big test?” 

Secret said, “Ok.” Once I knew he was going to help me, I ran to make cheat sheets. The next day, Secret told me that anything he touches isn’t visible to anyone else. Then I was ready to go to school. When I got there, I took a seat and started my huge test. For every question, Secret held up the answer and I copied it down. When my teacher gave me my test back, I saw a big A + on the top left-hand corner of the page. After school, I thanked Secret, ran home, and happily told my parents. They were very proud of me. All of a sudden I knew Secret wasn’t real. He was an imaginary friend. I guess I was just lonely but I felt like the luckiest person on earth for having a friend like him.

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