The Land of Fairytales || by Revati Vyas

It was an ordinary day in Wilmington, North Carolina, but not for Sophie and Mary; they just faced the most horrible day of their lives.

Three hours ago, at 3:30 pm, their parents went missing. There were no clues, just a white piece of paper that read, “StoryLand.” Now, the girls were at the most horrible place on Earth—the Orphanage.

After a few days, 12-year-old Sophie and 10-year-old Mary got used to living there, like the other kids, who had been living there for months. Everytime a kid tried to escape, he or she was caught and severely punished. The problem was that everyone knew about each other’s secrets. But luckily, they didn’t know about Sophie and Mary’s secrets. Why? Because Sophie and Mary have magical powers! Sophie has super strength and Mary can control people’s minds.

One day, both sisters managed to escape the Orphanage, and ran as fast as they could. They ended up in the big woods, where they saw a magical portal. They stepped inside and found a sign that read, “Welcome to StoryLand!”  “StoryLand,” Sophie whispered to Mary, “That’s what was written on that, white piece of paper!”

“Maybe the kidnapper took our parents here!” Mary whispered, “But first, let’s look around.”

“Sure,” replied Sophie.

They walked around the mysterious land. It was filled with grass, flowers, and it had a little town! On a hill, there was a huge castle made out of gold!

“Look at that castle!” Mary said to Sophie.

“Look at that house!” said Sophie, pointing at a silver mansion. Then, an old woman appeared, out of that house.

“Wait, is that Grandma Jane?” Mary whispered to Sophie.

“I think so,” Sophie whispered back, “Let’s go and find out.”

The girls walked towards the woman, and when the woman saw them, she ran to them and said, “Sophie, Mary is that you? I’m your Grandma Jane. I heard what happened to your parents.”

“How do you know about mom and dad?” asked Sophie. 

“Well, why don’t we go inside, and I’ll explain it?” asked Grandma Jane

All three went inside and Sophie and Mary told their grandma everything. After listening, Grandma Jane told the girls what StoryLand was, and its history. Then, she said, “Go to bed now. I will take a look at this tomorrow.”

The girls obeyed, and went to their rooms.

The next day, Grandma Jane went out to meet with StoryLand’s detective and told the girls that they were allowed to explore every room in the house, except the attic. Meanwhile, the girls had a lot of fun exploring the house. That was until Sophie said, “Let’s take a peek at the attic.”

“No way, grandma said, we can’t go there,” replied Mary.

“Just a little peek, come on!” replied Sophie.  

“Fine. You win,” said Mary.

When they went to the attic, a man in a black mask with green skin captured them and poisoned them with a bottle labeled, “Sleeping Potion.” One hour later, Sophie and Mary woke up. Around them were tables covered with pots, books, wands, and potions. The man in the black mask boomed, “Hello Sophie and Mary Woods, what – ”

“How do you know our names?” interrupted Sophie.

“I secretly live in your grandmother’s attic, that’s why. Now, will you let me finish!” replied the guy in the black mask.

“Why do you have green skin?” asked Mary.

“Will you brats, let me finish?” yelled the man.

“Okay, okay, relax. I’ll let you finish. You don’t have to make a fuss about it,” replied Mary.

“Thank you. Now, what are you brats doing here?” the guy in the black mask asked.

“First of all, we are not brats. What you are saying is very rude, ” said Sophie.

“I agree,” replied Mary. “But, to answer your question, my sister and I were curious about what was in the attic, since our grandma told us not to come here. Now, will you please, with a cherry on top, answer my question?”

The man was so distracted by Mary that he didn’t notice Sophie untying themselves. When he noticed, he tried to put the girls to sleep, but Mary used her magic power to get the man to sleep. Then, Sophie removed the guy’s mask. The guy had a big green body and was super fat. “He is a giant!” exclaimed Sophie, “I didn’t know they were real.”

One hour later, the giant woke up. He was tied in a chair with thick, sturdy ropes. “Who are you, and what are you doing in the attic?” asked Sophie, lifting up his two-thousand pound ax.

“How can you lift that?” asked the giant, with his mouth open in shock. 

“She can’t tell you that, but answer her question or she will hit you with your ax,” threatened Mary.

“F-f-fine. I am the villain and giant, in the fairytale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ I have come to launch my plan to take over Storyland,” the giant replied, “Also, my name is Fatty.”

“So, Grandma wasn’t joking. Fairy tales are real!” Sophie whispered to Mary.

“Please, don’t hurt me!” cried the giant.

“We will, if we have to,” Mary said.

“I WANT MY MOMMY!” screamed the giant.

A few minutes later, Grandma Jane barged in the attic with a detective at her side.

“Stop whining like a baby. You’re under arrest for trying to take over StoryLand and hurting two children,” said the detective. A couple of people, who were named, Storyland protectors, arrested the giant—he was sentenced to a life in prison. Once he was taken away, Grandma Jane asked Sophie and Mary, “What are you girls doing up here?”

“We were curious about what was in the attic,” replied Mary.

“I told you not to come up here! I am not going to punish you since I am impressed by what you did. Because of it, I will allow you to join me to find your parents” said Grandma Jane.

“Yipee!” yelled Sophie, “When do we start?”

“Next Friday,” replied Grandma Jane, “Now, tell me everything that happened to you.”

To be continued…

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