we belong among the superheroes || by Ria Shah

Superheroes don’t exist.

But they might.

But no one has superpowers.

Oh, I don’t think thats quite right. 

No one can fly.

But thats the limit right, the sky?

Fine, if we could, what would you do?

Oh sweetheart, that’s all up to you.

We would have to be very strong.

So we could save the world?

Yeah, so we could save the world.

Maybe thats where we belong.

In the sky?

All the way up.

But what if we fall?

Then at least we can say that we tried.

About the Author

My name is Ria Shah and fun fact about me I aversion (My 4th grade English teacher would be proud. She was always going on about how I had a small vocabulary, so take that! I used the word aversion.) it when people don’t fill the ice cream cup the whole way. I’m talking about you Dairy Queen. 

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