Lone Wolf || By: Ananya Ramakrishnan

I lay alone in the cold hard ground,

I get a hint of blood in the air,

The blood of a bird.

A  feathered friend to some,

But the next meal to me.

I blemish my territory,

For other wolfs to see,

Others may be in packs,

But I am a lone wolf.

I howl at the moon,

Which is round and ashen.

I hear a chorus of noise, 

Of other wolfs howling as a pack,

But I am a lone wolf

As the sun awakens, 

I forage for my  prey,

Cold and hungry.

I see tiny spoors feet,

In the white blanket of snow.

I follow the feet in search of where to go,

I perceive  my prey, 

Alone and scared,

With one bite

I eat it…


Other wolves approach me,

Seeking for food

But I don’t commission

Because …

I am a lone wolf.


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