Finding Your Writing Niche

The heart of creative writing is passion, but many writers get stuck on what to do when they dream of making their hobby a career. Maintaining a love for writing with the expectations of modern work culture is daunting, but the craft is vital to the world. You can make a difference with your words in more ways than you think! 

A common misconception among aspiring writers is that there are not many career options available, but that is simply not true. Writing is vital to our society. What must be understood is the importance of finding your specialty, or what I like to call a niche, in your craft. A niche is a term used in many different areas of study, but when described here I mean the type of writing you like to do. To find your niche, the first place to look is right in front of you: your writing!

  1. What Kind of Writing Fulfills You?

There are a multitude of ways you can write. You may love writing for blogs like this, essays, short stories, novels, recipes, scripts, poems, or creative nonfiction. If you aren’t sure, dabble in multiple areas. Writing is a process that should not be rushed – it was never meant to be. Understanding what kind of creation brings you the most joy is vital to a joyful career. 

  1. What Do You Like to Read?

As many experts have said, reading is just as important as writing when it comes to being a well-rounded writer. It is important to enjoy what you are reading, as you are spending valuable time with a particular piece. There are more than just lengthy books out there, too. Short stories, literary journals, poetry collections, nonfiction – even fanfiction can be a source of learning and inspiration for you. 

  1. What Do You Not Enjoy Reading or Writing?

Finding your niche is also about knowing what makes you groan when you hear about it. Perhaps fiction is not your writing cup of tea, but you like to read it. You don’t have to force yourself to craft work you don’t like to do (necessary assignments do not count here!) Personal writing is all about growth in the area that you want to see flourish. 

  1. What Career Options Match Your Favored Writing?

Finally, looking for internships, clubs, and job opportunities similar to what you care to do is your next step. English degrees are capable of many different career paths. You could be a technical writer, freelance worker, novelists, blogger, script writer, teacher journalist, and more. 

  1. Find Your Community

In the end, working alone can only take you so far! Finding a group with matching interests will help you improve, network, and do what writing was meant to do: be enjoyed.

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