Leon Trubaco’s Gold

She wondered if she would ever find the gold. Sophie was a young 17-year-old female who lived in Los Angeles, California. She was very friendly and outgoing to anyone she met which was one of her good traits. She was also very athletic and ready to do anything that required movement. Sophie was extremely good in the outdoors and knew a lot about it. She had been camping with her dad multiple times and was used to living outdoors. In a few weeks, she was about to go on a trip to try and find Leon Trubaco’s gold in the Amazon. Sophie had just watched a video in her class about Leon Trubaco’s gold. It was the last day of school and in September she would be starting college. Apart from the usual boring class, the video seemed to interest her and it shocked her when she learned that it hasn’t been discovered yet. 

After school, she went home and searched up Leon Trubaco’s gold on her Macbook Pro to try and learn more about it. On the computer, it told her that the gold had originally been hidden in New Mexico but somebody had found it and hid it in the rainforest. It has now been laying there for decades and no one has found it. Everyone who has tried to go and search for the gold has returned telling their stories for generations and generations. Sophie called up one of her best friends, Eric and he immediately came over. Sophie told him about Leon Trubaco’s gold and said that they should try and look for it. “Woah that’s pretty cool Sophie!” Eric exclaimed. Sophie and Eric were both going to go to the Amazon Rainforest anyways for an internship to do field research on spotted jaguars. 

After discussing it for a little bit Sophie remembered that her grandfather was an adventurer. The basement was off limits and Sophie and Eric always wondered why and today was the day to find out. They both had a gut feeling that they could find something to help them find Leon’s gold. They opened the old and rusty door leading to the basement. When they reached the basement they immediately noticed the filthy room. There was an odor in the basement which smelled like skunk spray and there were papers scattered everywhere. “Wow, this is a hot mess” Sophie observed. When they closely observed the papers they noticed maps that seemed to be for a journey. They looked through the maps and found one titled Leon Trubaco’s. “Bingo” Eric joyfully said. After researching the map they went online and booked their flights for a week earlier and packed their bags.

Within a week they were ready for the Amazon. Once they had reached Manaus, Brazil they stayed in a hotel for one night and the next morning they would begin their drive to the rainforest. At last, they had reached! The first sights of the rainforest were absolutely breathtaking. Clumps of trees everywhere like broccoli and every kind of leaf was clinging to the trees. Parrots, toucans, macaws, and birds flying everywhere, smatters of bright colors. Monkeys swinging from vine to vine. Diamond patterned snakes with super smooth skin like marbles or a pendant. Spiders and insects were prowling and stalking prey but carefully watching out for predators. The sun shining down on the forest gave the trees an emerald color and the bright blue sky was giving great vibes. The white clouds were drifting and merging into different shapes. It took them at least five minutes to process all the beauty. After taking in the beauty they started hiking. After hiking in the tiresome heat it had finally started to become dark. They set up their tents and rested for the night.

Bright and early they woke up. They hiked for a while until they stumbled upon a slow-flowing river. “Looks like we have to go through the creek,” Sophie said. They took a lunch break and continued hiking for about four hours. The map had told them to go north for a few miles. They went on until they reached a small deserted section with few leaves and tiny blue butterflies fluttering from leaf to leaf. The map told them the gold was supposed to be under the ground near the back. They started digging and made little to no progress. They were starting to get frustrated when at last Eric shouted “Jackpot!”. Eric hit a hard surface and vigorously dug there. He slowly pulled out a small chest. It was brown with a dull gold border. It had a metal keyhole in the center. They tried to open it with their fingers and loosen it until a light bulb struck Sophie. She remembered she had a key for her house which could fit in the keyhole for the chest. They tried to open it using the key and it clicked open. Sophie and Eric were filled with joy. Inside the dusty chest was a small jewel the size of an apple. It was a ruby! They decided to keep the ruby instead of selling it as a memory of their adventure together. Their adventure was coming to an end as they would start their internship tomorrow. They took one last deep breath, taking everything in. The leafy plants and trees and the glistening leaves. The sounds of all the animals on their daily routine, actively going about. And the sun shining brightly on the beautiful, diverse, rainforest.

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