August Activities

In August, the TWS staff is leading short sessions on interesting topics for students of all ages!

To further our impact on students and the community, we are offering free 30-minute to one hour sessions focused on various educations, creative, and fun topics taught by the TWS staff.

To sign up, read class descriptions below and register for those you are interested in below. You will recieve a link via email to call in advance! We will inform you if there are any materials needed.

August 1st: Creative Writing

Join Sapna Kamath to learn the basics of creative writing, tips and tricks, and have a chance to discuss and brainstorm ideas with their peers!

When: August 1st at 4pm

Grades: 6-8

August 2nd: Intro to Graphic Design

Your child will join Sonia Birla to learn the basics of using a popular graphics making platform – Canva! We will make and share graphics for several occasions, such as fun invitations, birthday cards, and flyers!

When: August 2nd at 11am

Grades: 4-7

August 3rd: Minute To Win It/Trivia

This exciting session led by Srinithi Srinivas gives students 1 minute to perform and solve a series of tasks and puzzles. Students will be competing against each other for a prize, and will have to engage and apply themselves to solve these challenges!

When: August 3rd at 2pm

Grades: 2-6

August 4th: Drawing

Tia Burmi and Vivian Huang will teach students how to sketch using simple shapes annd techniques! Experience is not required – steps will start from the beginning!

When: August 4th at 2pm

Grades: 3-8

August 5th: Intro to German

Guten Tag! In this session, Sonia Birla will give students a glimpse into the German language. They will learn basic phrases, fun facts, and get a chance to practice their skills!

When: August 5th at 2pm

Grades: 2-7

August 6th: Intro to Business

In this educational and intriguing class, Sachi Agarwal provides an insight into the world of business and entrepreneurship. Students will brainstorm product ideas, learn about the inner workings of business, and much more!

When: August 6th at 3:30pm

Grades: 6-8

August 7th: Intro to French

Bonjour! This session with Srinithi Srinivas will give students a glimpse into the beautiful French language. They will learn basic phrases, fun facts, and get a chance to practice their skills!

When: August 7th at 2pm

Grades: 2-5

August 8th: Self-Image and Positivity

Middle school is hard. Join Prerana Prabhushankar and go into depth on ways to increase your positivity and develop your self-image, especially in a middle school setting when peer pressure is high and morale can be low. Join if you’d like some tips on how to become more confident and tips on positive mental health!

When: August 8th at 2pm

Grades: 6-8

August 9th: Effective Study Methods

In this class, students will learn effective methods of studying and preparing for tests, from Neha Jonnalagedda, an experienced high school student! It is crucial to be aware of the best and most efficient study methods in order to succeed in high school.

When: August 9th at 11am

Grades: 6-8

August 10th: Journaling and Calligraphy

Combining the concept of a planner and journal, bullet journaling is both a great creative outlet and an organizational tool for all ages! Join Charlene Wu and use your newly learned modern calligraphy skills to make a beautiful handmade card and bullet journal spread in this workshop. This class is in collaboration with NC United Under Arts!

When: August 10th at 2pm

Grades: 2-9

August 11th: Time Management

With an ever-increasing workload in middle school, you can often find yourself struggling to manage and structure your time or find the motivation to tackle that heap of work. Join this class with Brooke Xu if you would like to learn the best ways to make use of your time with valuable tips that have actually helped high schoolers in their experience!

When: August 11th at 1pm

Grades: 6-8

August 12th: Impromptu Olympics!

Creative writing is the art of making things up. In this session, students will join Emily Yang to hone their skills of making things up on the spot by playing in a series of low-stakes, high-fun impromptu games! There will be prizes!

When: August 12th at 2pm

Grades: 6-8

August 13th: Meditation and Mindfulness

Students can join Brooke Xu and meditate using breathing techniques, relaxing music, and mindfulness tips. A great way to fit some calmness into your day!

When: August 13th at 1pm

Grades: 6-8

August 14th: Basic Biology

Students will be learning about a basic and exciting topic in biology – genetics! After learning for a while, students will be engaging in interactive games and activities relating to the topics learnt led by Srinithi Srinivas!

When: August 14th at 2pm

Grades: 1-5

August 15th: Ecology and Mythology Meet: Dive into the Deep Sea

Pull on your scuba diving gear and get ready to take a plunge into the deep sea! In this session with Emily Yang, students will receive a primer on the ecosystems and adaptations of a world 2,000 feet below sea level, learn about the mythology and folklore inspired by these deep sea creatures, and even get a chance to design their own sea monster.

When: August 15th at 2pm

Grades: 1-5

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