Inspiration is Everywhere

Two words you dread hearing: writer’s block. Two words that have become a very familiar acquaintance, one that you simply can’t get rid of for good. I’ll start with the good news—you’re not alone! We’ve all been there, and I have actually been there for the entire past year! Now for the bad news: inspiration,Continue reading “Inspiration is Everywhere”

Creative Writing is About Breaking the Rules

I have wanted to be an author since before I even knew how to pick up a pencil, but high school creative writing is the worst class I’ve ever taken. But don’t get me wrong. As an aspiring author, avid consumer of literature, and a lover of stories, I relish every moment I get toContinue reading “Creative Writing is About Breaking the Rules”

I Can Relate: The Relationship Between Reading & Empathy

Why do you read?  No, seriously, think about it. Why do you read? Do you read for school, because you have to and you’ll get behind on your classwork if you don’t? Do you read to stay informed with current events? Or do you read for fun? Do you read because you want an outletContinue reading “I Can Relate: The Relationship Between Reading & Empathy”

Writing Children’s Fiction

So you want to write children’s fiction! But it’s way out of your comfort zone and you don’t know how to start… the shorter lengths are overwhelming… what do you do? Don’t worry, my friend. I have some tips that will hopefully help you get started on this exciting adventure.  Themes and morals A classicContinue reading “Writing Children’s Fiction”

The Beauty of Constructive Criticism

Being the one judging is difficult. You want to be as frank as possible, but you don’t want any feelings to be hurt. It’s especially hard when the work you are judging is that of a friend, a classmate, or a young student. But we’ve all heard it time and time again: constructive criticism isContinue reading “The Beauty of Constructive Criticism”