Shake Off The 2020 Blues With Some Fun Activities!

As we soldier on into 2021, stuck in the monotonicity of virtual learning/working, I’m sure we’re all bored. So what better way to shake off the funk with a series of fun creative writing exercises? (Tip: If your New Year’s resolution was to exercise more, this still counts!!)  Set a timer for 10 minutes, andContinue reading “Shake Off The 2020 Blues With Some Fun Activities!”

Banned Books: Is the Harry Potter book series encouraging Witchcraft?

Books are essential to life. Many people may scoff at this idea, but books teach lessons, inspire, and provide an escape from reality. Most of us have read a book in our lifetime and absolutely loved it. So why are some of these books being banned and removed from education systems?  Well, I’ll tell you.Continue reading “Banned Books: Is the Harry Potter book series encouraging Witchcraft?”

Who Are We Talking To?

All fields of study are codependent on each other. Without math there would be no science; without English, there would be no history. But, the basis of every subject is writing. Around for more than 5,500 years, writing has allowed societies to civilize further, recording history and facilitating basic calculations.  In our lives today, weContinue reading “Who Are We Talking To?”