The Fashion Show || By Diya Palathanam

“Is everything ready for the fashion show?” asked Rose as she looked around the huge mall, which was filled with shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. The mall was planning on hosting a Christmas themed fashion show and Rose was in charge of making sure everything went perfect. “Yes,” answered Lily,Continue reading “The Fashion Show || By Diya Palathanam”

Foreign Language in Elementary School || By Saicharan Valisekkagari

Did you know that only 25% of elementary schools are offering a foreign language? Currently, foreign languages are not mandatory in elementary schools. In schools where learning a foreign language is mandatory, Spanish is usually the most common language that is taught. Should students in elementary school be required to learn a foreign language? KidsContinue reading “Foreign Language in Elementary School || By Saicharan Valisekkagari”

The Crazy Egyptian Mystery || By Anna Naftel

“Chloe!- CHLOE-” Sadie, and Della screamed. Looking around all of the pyramid tunnels to find Chloe the little five year old, otherwise known as Sadie’s little sister.Sadie’s parents had a work trip in Egypt. Each girl got to bring a friend or two along.Sadie had chosen her two best friends, Della, and Matthew. You couldContinue reading “The Crazy Egyptian Mystery || By Anna Naftel”

The Flaws of Temptation || By Joan Lee

The second Ms. Sworski’s bakery closed, a new store came to the Reddis Mall. Bright purple letters on a yellow poster spelled a new beginning: The Brain Factory. The company claimed to make brains and transplant them into people. “Isn’t that a hospital?” you may ask. These weren’t just any ordinary brains: they were specialized.Continue reading “The Flaws of Temptation || By Joan Lee”

The Zodiac || By Advaita M.

Aries took a deep breath. She smoothed down her wrinkled apron and peeked out into the crowded restaurant. She straightened her glasses and peered through the crowd, scanning for someone in particular. He wasn’t here yet. She went back into the kitchen to start her shift. She came out 3 minutes later with plates balancedContinue reading “The Zodiac || By Advaita M.”

The Most Wonderful Gift of All || By Srinika Srinivas

The wind brushed over my face as I heard the sound of leaves rustling. The sun was just starting to rise on a Monday morning and we had already started walking to the bus stop. I was in a terrible mood, because I didn’t know what to write my short story about for my school’sContinue reading “The Most Wonderful Gift of All || By Srinika Srinivas”