Finding Your Writing Niche

The heart of creative writing is passion, but many writers get stuck on what to do when they dream of making their hobby a career. Maintaining a love for writing with the expectations of modern work culture is daunting, but the craft is vital to the world. You can make a difference with your wordsContinue reading “Finding Your Writing Niche”

How to Brainstorm

By Elina Mohan The hero is faced with a huge—potentially insurmountable—challenge. A random event or object sparks their creativity, and suddenly they devise a brilliant solution to save the day. Wouldn’t it be amazing if ideas struck us like this too? However, this is highly unrealistic.In order to write a creative piece, it is importantContinue reading “How to Brainstorm”

Take a Minute to Reflect

If you weren’t aware, we’re living through a global pandemic. It’s definitely been a rough time adjusting to our new normal, but we are also in a unique position. It’s on us– every single person– to remember what happened this year. I am a bit of an optimist (I practically live in the silver lining),Continue reading “Take a Minute to Reflect”

Show Don’t Tell: The Golden Rule of Writing

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our first blog post. Every Monday, one of our amazing TWS teachers will be publishing a new post – from writing tips to quizzes and games. Make sure to be on the lookout for those in the next few weeks. Now, for the actual post. 🙂 After you’ve been writing asContinue reading “Show Don’t Tell: The Golden Rule of Writing”