Language Changes. Its Meaning Shouldn’t.

As far as quotes from Enlightenment philosophy go, common-place grammatical stylistic conventions would have concluded that masculine personal possessive pronouns really referred t

Our Escape from Time

Fictional stories are an escape from our everyday lives. Many people dream of living in another place or in the past, which we can only achieve through reading books. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres because it plunges you into a new and unknown world where you are able to experience life throughContinue reading “Our Escape from Time”

The Art of Poetry

Written by Anam Siddiqi Poetry is a favorite writing form for many, and for several reasons. Some enjoy the various usage of poetic devices, others the pleasing layout. But the common theme is the expression of feelings in a unique and beautiful way. It allows your heart and soul to speak, without uttering a word.Continue reading “The Art of Poetry”


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