Learning Prefixes and Suffixes to Improve Your Vocab

A lot of us learn the definition of an unfamiliar word by reading its surrounding context. By using what comes before and what comes after, you, as the reader, are able to figure out how this new word is supposed to fit in. The next time you come upon that word, you’re able to remember…

Real People

I had a thought, Maybe, That now this is over And I remember your real name Instead of the one I gave you, We could meet somewhere. Anywhere, dirt and all from that First night, For the last time, I swear, For a last look and a last kiss and A last everything And I…

Your Hurricane

I am unstoppable And I carry some Reckless power. I think you knew You were not ready. You saw water And were so thirsty, That when you realized I wreck Instead of wash, You ignored it because Your quench ruled over your Caution. I have destroyed  And my winds have Whispered unspeakable words Words that…

What we will find as women

Do not go gentle. Rage Because their words had forked lightning. “Good men” Crying,  Frail deeds danced in a green bay. The light Grieved good night. Blind eyes blaze the dying. Bless me now, I pray. Do not go gentle. Rage against the dying of the light.


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