20 Journaling Prompts to Spark Your Creativity

I’m guessing that I’m not alone when I say that a blank page in a new journal can be really intimidating. For a long time, I thought of journaling as being an obligation where you’re forced to write about what you did each day. I soon realized, however, that while many people do this, theContinue reading “20 Journaling Prompts to Spark Your Creativity”

The Art of Poetry

Written by Anam Siddiqi Poetry is a favorite writing form for many, and for several reasons. Some enjoy the various usage of poetic devices, others the pleasing layout. But the common theme is the expression of feelings in a unique and beautiful way. It allows your heart and soul to speak, without uttering a word.Continue reading “The Art of Poetry”

An Introduction to the Satire Genre

Fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and more are the most commonly brought to mind in reference to literary genres. Satire is a type of genre as well, or often used as a literary device, and my personal favorite. Most of us are already familiar with satire even if we aren’t aware of it. Often political inContinue reading “An Introduction to the Satire Genre”

I Can Relate: The Relationship Between Reading & Empathy

Why do you read?  No, seriously, think about it. Why do you read? Do you read for school, because you have to and you’ll get behind on your classwork if you don’t? Do you read to stay informed with current events? Or do you read for fun? Do you read because you want an outletContinue reading “I Can Relate: The Relationship Between Reading & Empathy”

Writing the Perfect Birthday Card: Dos and Dont’s

It’s your best friend’s birthday soon, and you know what that means: you need to write them a birthday card. Some people are naturals at writing cards while others aren’t as great at turning their appreciation for their friend into written words. If you are part of the latter group, don’t worry! Today we willContinue reading “Writing the Perfect Birthday Card: Dos and Dont’s”

Five Words You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Language is wonderful and unique. Each one brings something new to the world of communication and has words for situations we didn’t even know we encounter every day. I doubt you’ve rarely visited dictionary.com for anything other than finding the meaning of a new word but there are a plethora of words that we wouldContinue reading “Five Words You’ve Probably Never Heard Of”