Bogus’ Adventure || By Collin Russ

Bogus woke up in a jovial mood. He was on top of the world, he was so happy he could explode! It was a hot sunny day, as it always was in Uniwizman. He got up and had his breakfast, before walking outside and sitting on the porch to read the newspaper at his houseContinue reading “Bogus’ Adventure || By Collin Russ”

Tigers || by Aashrith Tatineni

Do you know Tigers can weigh as much as 660 pounds? They are even capable of defeating lions, which are called “The King of the jungle.” Tigers live in rainforests, grasslands, savannas, and even mangrove swamps. They prey on moose, deer species, pigs, cows, horses, buffalos, and goats. Tigers are the best animals in theContinue reading “Tigers || by Aashrith Tatineni”

Poppy’s Story || By Hannah and Charlene

This story was written through “popcorn writing” in which each person alternated writing a piece of the story. Each round was generated three random words that must be used somewhere in the snippet. Enjoy this piece written by the amazing student Hannah, and co-written by her TWS teacher Charlene. Hey, my name is Poppy! IContinue reading “Poppy’s Story || By Hannah and Charlene”

The Time I Got Stuck || Saicharan Valisekkagari

I started worrying and trembling in fear as the spinning door was squeezing harder on my hand. My family and I went to Chicago to visit my cousins and we went to the downtown mall. It was very tall and huge. I went with my cousin, mom, and dad. As we were getting into theContinue reading “The Time I Got Stuck || Saicharan Valisekkagari”

The Amazing Rollercoaster || Travis Lee

The roller coaster filled with people parked in front of me as my friend squeaked in excitement. The people on the roller coaster looked a bit dazed and scared at the same time. A cold sweat rolled onto my neck. I gulped nervously. My friend entered the roller coaster and I followed next to him.Continue reading “The Amazing Rollercoaster || Travis Lee”

The Biggest Mistake In Kendo History || Eric Han

It was the big day. In my dad’s car, my head was filled with worries. When I opened my eyes from the worries, I was already at where the tournament was held. I walked into the big and crowded stadium. All the other city kendo academy students were there. Our academy, the White Horse, hasContinue reading “The Biggest Mistake In Kendo History || Eric Han”

Pandas || by Anika Palathanam

 Did you know that pandas have five fingers just like humans? Pandas are cute, they are very interesting. They are also endangered animals. My essay is about the diet, all about them, and body parts of a panda.  Pandas are unique animals and have cool bodies. Adult pandas are 4 – 6 feet long. MaleContinue reading “Pandas || by Anika Palathanam”

One Crazy Dust Devil || By Anna Naftel

It all started when me and my cousins Elin and Kirsten were in me and my mom’s tent, while we were visiting Africa. We were all practicing for a dance we would later perform. But for now, we were listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ and making up moves. Me and Kirsten were writingContinue reading “One Crazy Dust Devil || By Anna Naftel”

My 8th Birthday: A Memoir || By Elin Boucher

It was my 8th birthday and I was in Africa. We went on lots of safaris and sometimes we were almost driving in an oven! When we visited an African school, giving them soccer balls , pencil pouches, notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies we had the chance to play and go to school withContinue reading “My 8th Birthday: A Memoir || By Elin Boucher”