Lessons and Curriculum

How does this work?

We offer small group lessons with students that are studying a single topic, whether that be fantasy or essays. Classes will have approximately 5-7 students, split by grade level.

What if I don’t see topics I am interested in?

You can always email us with requests for class topics! We appreciate feedback and are here to help students learn what they want to!

What are the rates? How does payment work?

We charge a flat fee of $20 a month. TWS donates all profits to local non-profit organizations. These payments can occur through PayPal. If required, we do have fee waivers available; our first goal is to make writing education accessible!

To ask any questions, email contactus@trianglewritersstudio.com.

Interested in signing up for classes? Please fill out this form and a TWS representative will contact you shortly.

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