Lessons and Curriculum

How does this work?

We offer small group lessons with 3-5 students; students with similar interests and ages can be taught together! Lessons take place online over video call.

What if I don’t see topics I am interested in?

Although we do have a pre-made syllabus, our teachers are open to take specific requests ahead of time and teach according to your child’s needs and wants.

Is this curriculum finalized?

Short answer, no! Teachers work hard to customize their plans to your students’ writing abilities. If a student has interests in more niche topics (comic writing or journalism, for example), our teachers accommodate that in their lessons!

What are the rates? How does payment work?

We charge $20 a month or $5 for every class. TWS donates all profits to local non-profit organizations. These payments can occur through PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo. If required, we do have fee waivers available; our first goal is to make writing education accessible!

To ask any questions, please contact trianglewritersstudio@gmail.com.

Sample Curriculum

Grades K-1

• Basic Writing – Bringing Imaginary Scenarios to Life

• Character Building

• Describing Setting

• Creating an Intriguing Plot

• Scenario Writing

• Simple Grammar Structures

• Basic Reading Comprehension

Grades 2-3

• In-Depth character traits

• Grammar and Mechanics: Commas, Dialogue, Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives, etc.

• World Building in Fiction

• Text Structure

• Reading Comprehension

• Standardized Test Preparation (if requested)

Grades 4-5

• High-level Reading

• Complex World Building

• Narrative Urgency

• Essay Writing Basics

• Using Voice in Writing

• The Steps of Novel Writing

• Grammar and Mechanics

• Exploring New Genres

• Argumentative and Persuasive Writing

• Standardized Test Preparation (if requested)

Grades 6-8

• Improving Writing Flow

• Essay Writing Basics

• Memoirs and Narratives

• Comprehending and Analyzing Literature

• Vocabulary in Writing

• Public Speaking

• Intro to Research and Inquiry

• Exploring Different Genres

Grades 9+

• Application Writing

• Advanced Essay Writing

• Writing Novels – How to Start?

• Public Speaking + Debate

• Drafting and Editing

• Responses to Literature

• Grammar and Mechanics

• Research and Inquiry

Interested in signing up for classes? Please fill out this form and a TWS representative will contact you shortly.

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