Student Work

A Story About Time

Hi, my name is Maya Moore, and today I died. You’re probably thinking, then how did you even get around to even writing this? Not, oh my god Maya, are you okay? Or, I’m so sorry, how did it happen? Nope, you had to be more concerned about the logistics. Now, you’re probably gaping atContinue reading “A Story About Time”

Leon Trubaco’s Gold

She wondered if she would ever find the gold. Sophie was a young 17-year-old female who lived in Los Angeles, California. She was very friendly and outgoing to anyone she met which was one of her good traits. She was also very athletic and ready to do anything that required movement. Sophie was extremely goodContinue reading “Leon Trubaco’s Gold”


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Our students love to write.

Many of our students are achieving great things through their writing and wanted to share their content with the world. Please take the time to read the stories and essays our students have written.


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