we belong among the superheroes || by Ria Shah

Superheroes don’t exist. But they might. But no one has superpowers. Oh, I don’t think thats quite right.  No one can fly. But thats the limit right, the sky? Fine, if we could, what would you do? Oh sweetheart, that’s all up to you. We would have to be very strong. So we could saveContinue reading “we belong among the superheroes || by Ria Shah”

The Art of Poetry

Written by Anam Siddiqi Poetry is a favorite writing form for many, and for several reasons. Some enjoy the various usage of poetic devices, others the pleasing layout. But the common theme is the expression of feelings in a unique and beautiful way. It allows your heart and soul to speak, without uttering a word.Continue reading “The Art of Poetry”

My Five-Step Process to Writing a Poem

For some people, poetry is a form of self-expression and is a resource to make sense of their thoughts, but for others, it can simply be a school assignment. Whatever the reason, the origin of poetry spans back to 1200 B.C. and has been a form of storytelling for people since the beginning of time.Continue reading “My Five-Step Process to Writing a Poem”