Team Alumni

Thank you to our former team members who have served our community!

Tia Burma

Former Teacher

As an art teacher at GB Academy preschool, Tia has gained experience working with children and in teaching. She worked with them to broaden their understanding of art and how it is applicable in their lives and the world around them. Tia has also taught harmonium to children aged 5-8 at the TSG Gurmat School, where she taught them how to play classical music and prayers. She is the captain of the Women’s Golf team at Enloe and has placed in the top 10 of her conference. Tia is also a member of NHS and the Vice President of Enloe Sikh Student Association. At Enloe SSA, she works to educate her community on Sikh values and history, as well as create a more unified environment within her peers. In her free time, Tia loves watching Gilmore Girls, reading historical fiction novels, writing poetry, and going for walks!

Amitauja Oishii Basu

Former Teacher

Amitauja Oishii Basu writes and is an editor for the Enloe Eagle’s Eye and enjoys making art and running her own business selling commissions. She loves writing because it helps her say things she can’t say.

Neha Jonnalagedda

Former Teacher

Neha’s interest in writing stems from her love for reading. She is co-president of her school’s Mock Trial Club and Gender Inclusivity in STEM Club. In her free time, Neha enjoys reading, going on walks, and journaling. 
Neha is a high school student whose interest in writing stemmed from her passion in reading. She enjoys working with students on their writing in a way that allows them to be creative and explore their own interests. Outside of Triangle Writer’s Studio, Neha is co-president of her school’s Mock Trial and Gender Inclusivity in STEM clubs. In her free time, Neha enjoys reading all kinds of books, journaling, and going on walks. 

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