A Story About Time

Hi, my name is Maya Moore, and today I died. You’re probably thinking, then how did you even get around to even writing this? Not, oh my god Maya, are you okay? Or, I’m so sorry, how did it happen? Nope, you had to be more concerned about the logistics. Now, you’re probably gaping at this story, wondering what kind of narrator would confuse the reader on the first page. Well, I consider myself a very good one, thank you very much. Anyway, this isn’t about how great I am (though I wish it were!)It’s the story about an average brown girl in 2030; who found out that she was very much, not average.

Like every great story, my day started with me waking up. Then Felix, my dog, barks and then, using his translating speaker, says, “Time for my walk Maya ”. I grab my toast from Care-a-Ella, our robot maid. I then grabbed my Levitatable, a kind of hoverboard that actually hovered, and then I drifted to the bus stop, with Felix sprinting behind me. After I got on the bus, I found a seat in the back and put in my aercaps, listening to my favorite podcast. As soon as we get to school, I rush to the homeroom, where I find my best friend, Pearl, waiting for me. “Maya, where have you been? ” She asked, “First period is almost about to start “. Pearl and I have been friends since preschool, she’s impossible to not like and always has a great impression on others. 

The bell rings, and then, fast-forward, the bell rang again, this time, dismissing us. We head to the bus room, where I bump into Adam, a 7th grader from our bus. “Oof, sorry Adam, ” I remarked. He looks up and reassures me, “It’s fine, actually. I’m glad to see you Maya. Did you know that Mr. Joe couldn’t make it, and they couldn’t even find a substitute! “. I gaped at him, “No, I did not know that! ” I exclaimed. As Adam walked away, I turned to Pearl, “Don’t you think that’s weird? ” I pondered, “Mr. Joe never leaves without telling us, and they couldn’t even find a sub! “. She thought about this and then turned to me, “Maya, you’re just worrying for no reason! Anyway, you have a bigger problem, how are you going to get home, ” she questioned. I sighed, “Yeah. I guess I can just walk to the subway station, ” I grumbled, “Papa’s on a business trip and Ma’s at a public service meeting “. 

Pearl looked at me with pity, but she didn’t say anything. My parents were constantly busy, so they tried to make up for it with all the newest gadgets, and the best clothes. “You better go, Maya, if you want to get home before it gets dark, ” suggested Pearl. “Alright then, ” I agreed, “See you tomorrow. “. I walk away, and soon, after a couple of minutes, I leave the school campus. I pull out my PearPhone, and then I pull up the directions to the nearest subway station. Great, just great, the walk would take me about thirty minutes, and this was a very shady place. I took a mental note to never tell Papa and Ma about this, as I paid for CitrusScooter. 

I sped along the roads, and I was nearly there when suddenly, my front wheel popped off, and I found myself flying face forward. 

With a sickening crack, I landed on my hand. It took a while to blink the spots out of my eyes, but soon, I realized that not only were my knees and elbows bruised, I seemed to have fractured my wrist too. I looked around, to find out that I was near the outskirts of the city. I hobbled forward, maybe I could get a taxi or at least some help. Not long after, I felt like I was being watched. I turned around at the slightest noise, but never saw anything. Perhaps I had gone crazy after the fall, but I kept moving forward. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pang on the back of my head. I fell backward, and I hit my head on the pavement, I felt myself falling farther, as I dropped into a sea of black.

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